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ICT Services

ICT Services at ETH listed by topic or alphabetically.

IT User Services offers all ETH Zurich students the possibility of publishing a personal homepage on the World Wide Web.

Your homepage, listed in your home directory as homepage, is accessible via the URL http(s):// Additionally, the possibility of using script languages such as PERL and PYTHON as either CGI or PHP, is available.


In your home directory you can find:

Your homepage URL is (unencrypted)<loginname>/ or<loginname>/ (encrypted).

Publish your Homepage

Please use a FTP client to upload your data. The FTP client used must be able to encrypt passwords with TLS/SSL. Our FTP server allows encrypted access only. Examples: WS_FTP, puTTY, FilleZilla, Fetch (Mac).

The FTP server is called

Protecting Directories

Attention: The LDAPS authentication method will be unavailable as of September 25th, 2013.

Authentication using a .htaccess.n File:

If you would like your directories to be accessible to certain persons only, you can protect them by using an authentication method. To do this, you can create your own user management (File-based) or use a central user administration (AAI based).

Place a file named .htaccess.n in the protected directory /nas/<user>/<safedir>. Replace <user> by your nethz username and <safedir> by the name of the directory you wish to protect. Please note the difference: The file name should be .htaccess.n and not .htaccess.

Configure one of the following authentication methods.

File-based authentication:

Using the htpasswd program, create a .htpasswd file with your users and store it in the /nas/<user>/<safedir> directory.

Add the following lines

AuthType Basic
AuthBasicProvider file
AuthName "File basierte Authentisierung"
AuthUserFile /nas/<user>/<safedir>/.htpasswd
require valid-user

to the /nas/<user>/<safedir>/.htaccess.n configuration file. This allows all users in your .htpasswd file to login to your directory.

If you wish to limit access to certain users, replace

require valid-user 


require user <user1> <user2> ... etc. selecting the appropriate user from your .htpasswd file.

AAI based authentication:

Add the following lines

AuthType shibboleth
ShibRequireSession On
ShibRedirectToSSL 443
require valid-user

to the /nas/<user>/<safedir>/.htaccess.n configuration file. This allows all users with an AAI user account to login to your directory.

If you wish to limit access to AAI users with Unique IDs <unique id user1>, <unique id user2>,


require valid-user


require uniqueID <unique id user1> <unique id user2> etc.

AAI users must inform you of their unique IDs. AAI users find their Unique IDs at

Enforcing Encryption:

According to the ETH BOT, only encrypted passwords, i.e. using HTTPS, may be transmitted over the net. To block HTTP access in file-based authentication add


to your .htaccess.n file.

Any http:// access will result in the appearance of an error page with Error Code 403 (Forbidden).

Dynamic Web Sites, Scripting

Nowadays, in order to design a dynamic web site there are a variety of facilities available. You have the option of writing your own programs or to avail yourself of existing projects ( e.g. for forums).

MySQL Database

Dynamic web pages often require a database. You have the possibility to apply for a 50MB account. We are currently using MySQL 4.1.18. The web-based admin tool, phpMyAdmin is centrally available from the IT Services at


By using your common sense you will surely figure out which contents are permissible on ETH web pages. Web pages with pornographic, sexist or politically incorrect contents as well as commercial marketing are not permitted. The dissemination of copyright protected data is forbidden!

Any transgression will result in appropriate consequences.

Please take note of the ETH Zurich Acceptable Use Policy for Telematics Resources (BOT):


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